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Help with Veterans Benefits

Helping with Veterans BenefitsThe Department of Veterans Affairs offers a myriad of benefits to veterans. As a general rule, a veteran is defined as someone who served in the armed forces of the United States. Reservists and National Guard are generally not considered veterans for benefits purposes except under certain special conditions. For some benefits, up to 2 years or more of service is required.

Here are service officers who can help you with your veterans benefits in your area.

Advocates (listed on this site) may or may not be accredited through VA. Non-accredited advocates understand veterans benefits but are not allowed to help in the filing of a claim. All advocates can answer questions relating to specific benefits and can direct a potential claimant to an individual or organization capable of filing a claim. These individuals do not charge a fee related to filing a claim.

How to Apply for Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits for Veterans and Their SurvivorsNew Book: How to Apply for Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits for Veterans and Their Survivors (2021 Edition)

The Senior Veterans Service Alliance is excited to introduce this new how to apply book as a welcome and needed resource for veterans and their families.

We can find no other book currently available that incorporates the newest claims procedures from the Department of Veterans Affairs along with detailed instructions on how to submit applications for over 25 different types of disability claims including Pension, Death Pension, DIC, Compensation, Burial Benefits, and more...

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