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During the pandemic crisis, the Department of Veterans Affairs claims processing is fully functional and open for business. Now is the time to submit your application as the volume of applications has apparently decreased. This has resulted in faster decision times.

The Senior Veterans Service Alliance has a proprietary process for submitting applications where all of the the forms and evidence that are necessary for an award are submitted up front, providing the adjudicators in the regional offices with everything they need to make an immediate decision.

Since 2011, we have assisted with applications for veterans benefits long-distance, over the phone, and by email and fax.

You do not have to do an application face-to-face with one of our accredited representatives.

Instead, you can complete the whole application process, using our accredited representative, without leaving the confines of your home.

Fill out the form below and we will gladly get back with you.

Or email and we will respond and help you with any issues for veterans benefits.

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