Listing Provider Agreement

1. You agree to allow the Senior Veterans Service Alliance (SVSA) to charge your credit card for your listing. Your credit card statement will show this charge from "National Care Planning." The National Care Planning Council is our sister company.

2. You may notify us at any time if you wish to cancel your listing. We will not provide you a partial year refund.

3. In return for your yearly fee, we promise to list you on our web site under a category or categories of your choice and in a service area(s) of your choice.

4. As a listing provider, you may advertise your listing with the SVSA. Listing providers are not considered agents or legal representatives of the SVSA. You may not enter into any agreement, make any promises, make any warranty or make any representation on behalf of the SVSA. Our names, logos, and web content may not be placed on or used as part of a good or service you sell or promote.

5. Since you are listing your services on our web site, we require you to abide by a code of conduct. This code of conduct applies to the services and advice you offer to individuals who come to you as a result of your listing with the Senior Veterans Service Alliance. The Code of Conduct is as follows:

6. You agree to abide by this code of conduct and if we receive any complaints or have any problems with your conduct, we will use this code of conduct as the basis of an investigation and decision to possibly cancel your listing(s).

7. We reserve the right to cancel your listing(s) at any time and do not guarantee any leads or referrals.