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Historical War Photos

This page provides a small assortment of historical photos in order to offer a brief glimpse into the lives of our valiant senior veterans during war (there is an act of sacrifice mingled in each photograph).

As far as we are aware, the images below can be found in the public domain. It is not our intent to infringe on any copyright. Please contact us if any of the images are protected and we will remove them.

World War I

Burial services for first American soldiers killed in combat with the Germans, 3 Nov 1917 148th American Aero Squadron making preparations for a daylight raid American troops marching through a French village on the way to the front 340mm US Coast Artillery gun firing near Nixeville 26 Sep 1918 US troops undergoing gas training at Fort Dix S 318th Infantry, 80th Division, advancing through smoke screens near Le NeFour, France, October 27, 1918 The crew of the U.S.S. Olympia (1919)
American soldiers hurling hand grenades into the Austrian trenches. Varage, Italy. (Sept. 16, 1918) American First Division troops bringing in German prisoners US rifle grenade US 75mm gun in action American tanks heading for the Argonne, France American railroad gun Sergeant C. Quick, Corporal M. Young and Private A. Lull, 126th Infantry, manning a 37 mm gun at Diefmaten in the Alsace, July 25, 1918


World War II

USS Philippine Sea D Day, Omaha Beach Soldiers Carrying a US Flag (Guam beach) Pre-invasion bombing by A-20 bombers of Pointe du Hoc at Omaha Beach Atop Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima, Feb 1945 (Photographer John Papsun) US Army Corporal P. Janesk in Sicily 3 Sep 1943 US Army 2nd Infantry in Brest, France under machine gun fire Sep 1944
Paratroopers of 1st Allied Airborne Army, Netherlands, Sep 1944 Cromwell tanks driving along 'Hell's Highway', Netherlands, Sep 1944 Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin at the Livadia Palace in Yalta, Ukraine, Feb 1945 US Army troops taking cover in a DUKW American under the cover of M4 Sherman tank 'Lucky Legs II' Bougainville, Solomon Islands, Mar 1944 M4 Sherman tank and US 60th Infantry Regiment, Belgium, 1944 LCIs, cruisers, and battleships; Palau Islands, Sep 1944; photo taken USS Honolulu aircraft
US 101st Airborne Division paratrooper Corporal Louis E. Laird; C-47; Normandy invasion, spring 1944 US Navy fighter pilots aboard carrier Enterprise in the Caroline Islands, 16 Feb 1944 Battle of the Buldge; snowy conditions, near Herresbach, Belgium, Jan 1945 P-38 Lightning aircraft in flight over the English countryside, Jun 1944 US Marines with their Browning M1919 machine gun; Guam invasion beach, Mariana Islands, 28 Jul A-20G Havoc aircraft over Le Molay-Littry, France, 7 Jun 1944 American 105mm Howitzer M2A1 shelling German forces near Carentan, France, 11 Jul 1944
US Marines crawling into position on a Saipan beach, Mariana Islands, 13 Jun 1944 C-47 Dakota aircraft dropping UK 1st Airborne Division over Oosterbeek, Netherlands, 17 Sep 1944 Man of US 9th Marines with flamethrower, Motoyama Airfield (Airfield Number 2), Iwo Jima, Feb 1945 B-17 bombers amidst heavy flak fire over Merseburg, Germany, circa 1944-1945 Navy corpsmen helped a wounded Marine to reach an aid station, Iwo Jima, 1945 American ships anchored off Leyte, Philippine Islands, late 1944 US Jeeps loaded onto LCTs; trucks and DUKWs loaded onto LSTs, England, Jun 1944