Compliance with Application for VA Benefits

An organization in compliance with application for veterans benefits such as the Aid and Attendance benefit meets the following requirements:

(1) The organization only sponsors or refers individuals to assist or advise with applications who are accredited with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Accreditation is required not only for paperwork but for any advice that is provided with a particular claim for veterans benefits.

(2) The organization only sponsors or refers individuals who have training and are competent in all areas of veterans benefits, not just pension (Aid and Attendance) or death pension.

(3) No fee is charged for assistance and advice with a claim for veterans benefits nor is any disguised fee such as a so-called "opinion" charged for assistance with any claim.

(4) Assistance and advice with a claim is only provided directly by an accredited individual or a certified paralegal of an accredited attorney and not by any non-accredited subordinate. Any other claim representation by a non-accredited subordinate is illegal under federal law.

(5) A claimant for veterans benefits is not required to purchase any product, buy any services, make any donations to an organization or pay for any consultation related to veterans benefits in order to receive assistance or advice with an application for benefit.