Senior Veterans Service Alliance Introduces Fully Developed Claim Training

Training for
Fully Developed Claims

$79.00 | 414 pages | 2015 Edition
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The SVSA (Senior Veterans Service Alliance) is proud to announce its new training for fully developed claims for accredited attorneys and accredited agents. The Department of Veterans Affairs is serious about using fully developed claims for the initial application for veterans benefits and has been in the process over the last year of training service officers of veterans service organizations (VSOs) to process these complicated claims. Up until now, there has been no such training for accredited attorneys and accredited agents. We at the SVSA are proud to train agents and attorneys in understanding this complex process of submitting fully developed claims.

In an effort to reduce its backlog and provide better claims service, the Veterans Benefits Administration has initiated over the past few years a claim procedure called "Fully Developed Claim." Under FDC a claimant will submit all relevant information necessary for VA to make a decision without the department having to undergo the duty to assist the veteran to find appropriate documents to support the claim. An FDC will be sent directly to the rating authority for a decision and bypass the duty to assist. This results in more timely decisions as well as decisions that are generally more favorable.

FDC is available for initial applications for disability compensation, pension and DIC. Special forms have been designed to identify an FDC application for each of these types of disability benefits.

Unlike a traditional application, which in some cases may only take 10 minutes to fill out, an FDC application might take hours over a period of weeks or months. A typical disability compensation application might include private medical records, service records, personnel records, private doctors opinions, disability benefits questionnaires, lay testimonies, completed VA 21-4138's and other corroborating evidence. Such information often takes weeks or months to accumulate and may require out-of-pocket cash expenditures. The Senior Veterans Service Alliance has produced an FDC training manual and accompanying data disk with over 240 forms, questionnaires and other documents necessary for submitting fully developed claims. Our textbook/manual, containing 414 pages of detailed information and instruction, is entitled "How to Apply for Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits for Recent and Senior Veterans and Their Survivors."

The training manual can be purchased separately for $79 and includes the data disk.

The training manual can also be purchased in conjunction with our continuing education course for accredited attorneys and accredited agents to meet their biannual requirements for CLE with the Department of Veterans Affairs. This training includes not only the manual and data disk but also 3 hours of video instruction and a certificate of completion. The CLE training is also currently approved for state mandatory CLE credit for a number of state bars.